We are qualified, equipped, and staffed to handle a complete range of projects, including:

  • Industrial and commercial installation

  • Industrial planning, start-up and maintenance

  • Limited energy systems

  • Energy management systems

  • Electrical CADD design and system management

  • Value engineering

  • Remodel and renovation

  • Primary and secondary power distribution

  • Telecommunications and data cabling

  • 24-hour emergency service

  • Stand-by Generators




We believe ethical conduct means providing our customers with an excellent value for their investment in our services.


You have a right to receive the quality and type of installation for which you’ve contracted. We fully honor the specifications set forth in contract documents.




We warranty our work—and all materials not covered specifically by manufacturer’s warranties—for one full year from the date of completion (or when the customer obtains beneficial use of the installation). All work we perform will fully meet and comply with recognized standards for neat and workmanlike installation.

We support the adoption and enforcement of an adequate electrical code for the protection of building owners and occupants, and will comply fully with all provisions of locally adopted building codes.

It is our policy to meet our obligations for payment on invoices from our subcontractors and suppliers on time according to agreed-upon payment schedules.

Total Energy Contracting takes a comprehensive view toward meeting customers’ needs, asking ourselves, “How can we make this better?” every step of the way.

Tradition and innovation both drive the wide range of services we offer.​