About Us

Total Energy Contracting takes a comprehensive new view toward meeting customers’ needs, asking ourselves, “How can we make this better?” every step of the way.

Tradition and Innovation both drive the wide range of services we offer:

  • Electrical services including design/build, engineering, pre-construction and pre-fabrication, special projects, and service and maintenance

  • Technology solutions such as systems integration, structured cabling, wireless, video, surveillance, access control, DAS, VoIP and PBX services

  • Alternative Energy solutions such as solar, wind and fuel cells, incorporating creative approaches to energy production, conservation and long-term operation and maintenance

  • Our Mission is to solve your electrical problems.

  • Our Vision is to have labor and management work together lock-step insuring the success of Total Energy Contracting.

  • Our Philosophy  is understanding our customers’ needs, and supporting each other as only a family can.

  • Our Four Core Principals are Safety– Trust – Integrity – Community

Total Energy Contracting Core Values


Total Energy we believe that safe work practices provides the highest level of customer service, is in the best financial interest of our company, and is a demonstration of our respect for each other.


Trust is having confidence in another's character, expertise, and abilities. We earn and reaffirm this trust everyday on every project, and with each interaction we have with employees, customers, and the community at large. Our customers and employees rely on us to help them be successful now and in the future. Trust is the foundation upon which we build strong relationships with customers, employees, and communities.


Integrity is being honest and forthright in our dealings. We are responsible to ensure that our actions match our words


Having strong connections to our community and our families is integral to building a sustainable organization. By giving back to our community, we keep a wider perspective of where we fit into the big picture. At home, supporting our families means encouraging employees to keep their families a priority. At work, we learn and grow together, and support each other.